Get Involved

There are various opportunities for Corporate or individual volunteering:

  • “Adopt” a child headed or granny (gogo) headed household
  • Paint/Renovate creches in townships
  • Help with the children at The Free Day Care Centre
  • Assist at an HIV/AIDS programme in a school
  • Teach a literacy class
  • Teach a trade or share a skill you have
  • Become a caring clown
  • Help with Christmas parties
  • Collect goods
  • Raise funds

BEE Corporates sponsorship benefits of  financially sponsoring The Family Africa and corporate volunteering:

We have all the paper work you need to gain BEE points.
We are a Non Profit Organisation Reg. No. 040-430 and a Public Benefit Organisation PBO exemption No. 930-034-345
Our clients are 98% black and 2% coloured.
We focus on:

  • The empowerment of women
  • Caring for orphans
  • Vulnerable families